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Neutral Space

Relax – Recover – Reconnect

Neutral Space is a subtle, yet extremely powerful system of bodywork designed to diminish stress and fatigue. This treatment has been created to maximise relaxation of the mind and the body through a system of hand holds, using gentle rocking movements, integrating polarity.

This treatment would benefit those whom are highly stressed, can’t switch off; or have trouble sleeping. It helps to calm the mind, bringing clarity and a sense of peace, tranquillity, happiness and positivity.

The treatment will be 30 minutes long and will cost £30.00. But to introduce this to our clients and new clients we are offering it as an add on to any other massage, this can include just a back massage or a full body, and you only pay an extra £10 on top of your bill!

There isn’t an expiry date, it’s just an introduction. But you can only use this offer ONCE as a first trial only.

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