Skin Care & Corrective


Hydraderm Cellular Energy
The Advanced Complexion Rejuvenating Treatment
Achieve immediate results with Guinot’s brand new, revolutionary treatment which provides the alternative to aesthetic surgery. Using dynamic ionisation and thermal energy, this patented technology encourages the cellular energy in the skin which beautifully enhances and spectacularly rejuvenates the complexion. This unique treatment, with a variety of bespoke variations to suit your skin type and concerns allows you to achieve exceptional, visible and clinically proven results after just one treatment.

Hydraderm Cellular Energy Lift

The Advanced Complexion Lifting Treatment
We can’t fight against time, but we can reduce the effects of time on the skin. This effective lifting treatment stimulates the facial muscles using a low frequency current which causes a toning action, stimulating the muscle fibres in the skin leaving a smoother, firmer and more youthful appearance to the complexion.

Hydraderm Age Logic Facial

The Advanced Anti-Ageing Treatment
Clinically proven to improve wrinkle depth by up to 49.5%*, this specially designed anti-ageing Hydraderm facial focuses on the eyes, face and neck to target signs of ageing.

Hydraderm Lift Express
The Express Treatment
For those who are in a hurry and need quick results, this treatment is an effective lifting treatment that lifts the facial features by stimulating the facial muscles. In just a few minutes, the face appears younger and visibly lifted.

Hydraderm Lift Deluxe

The Ultimate Advanced Lifting Treatment
A combination of the Hydraderm Age Logic and the Hydraderm Lift will leave your skin looking fresh and radiant. Experience an immediate lifting treatment through the stimulation of the muscles, lifting the face, adding firmness and leaving an overall younger appearance to the face.

Hydraderm Eye Logic

The Advanced Instant Eye Repair Treatment
This unique treatment targets signs of ageing and tiredness around the delicate eye area, including fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles. Using an expert combination of machine technology, a specific hands-on massage and a specially designed eye mask soaked in a concentrated skin repair serum for maximum effectiveness.


CACI Signature Non-Surgical Facial Toning
Course of 10 treatments £495

This non-invasive facial features S.P.E.D Dual Action Technology that provides simultaneous skin rejuvenation and facial toning. This treatment uses microcurrent impulses, to lift and tone and LED light therapy to improve skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Firms your face and gives your skin a ,ore youthful, fresh appearance and glow.

A course of 10 treatments will be required for optimum results. 2 -3 treatments per week followed by a monthly treatment thereafter.

Synergy Advanced Non-Surgical Facial Toning

Combines CACI’s Signature Non-Surgical Facial Toning with advanced skin exfoliation techniques to revitalise your skin, resulting in a brighter and smoother complexion. A combination of advanced technologies are used to plump fine lines and wrinkles, instantly lift and tone your face and firm your neck.

CACI Jowl Lift

Target muscle laxity around the jawline using S.P.E.D Dual Action Technology, which harnesses the power of LED light therapy at the same time as using CACI microcurrent. This treatment will lift and firm your muscles and redefine facial contours to give a firmer, more toned appearance. Ideal for women wanting to improve the appearance of sagging jowls and for men who desire a more chiselled jawline.

CACI Advanced Jowl Lift

Using a combination of advanced technologies, this treatment is designed to specifically address skincare concerns. Deep cleansing, exfoliation techniques and electrical impulses tighten, firm and redefine the jawline, the CACI Hydro Mask and LED light therapy are then used to hydrate, calm and smooth the skin, leaving your complexion refreshed, revitalised and more youthful looking.



This uses the latest advances in skin analysis to look deep into your skin’s health and provide you with a treatment specifically designed to address your personal skin concerns.


Our intensive 30-minute treatment is designed specifically for you and your most pressing skin concern to provide you with visible results fast.


Our ultimate 60-minute treatment is customised to target all of your skin needs and to leave your skin radiant and glowing.


This action packed treatment goes a step further by using retinol and an exothermal masque to optimise product results. Enjoy a relaxing hot stones facial massage to really leave you looking and feeling your best.

Want to experience a truly transformative treatment? This effective and customised 60-minute treatment combines the benefits of our Pro Power Peel 30 treatment with additional advanced techniques and technologies. Peel results are dramatically enhanced by a supplementary deep treatment process incorporating powerful IonActive Serum™, a customised masque and relaxing massage to ensure your skin is left clear, smooth and glowing. You’ve never had an exfoliation treatment like this before. Course of 3 : £240 – Treatments must be 2 weeks apart


This is designed especially for teenagers
(up to 17 years).
This facial is unique to the individual and is designed to help with teenage skin.

Facial treatments moved to the next level….

This skin care procedure is designed to stimulate the outer layers of the skin with micro-channels to help improve the appearance of the skin.
The procedure is performed utilizing a sterile Microneedling pen. Please book in for a free consultation or we can discuss at your next skin treatment. Suitable for advance skin care users and a test patch is required prior to treatment.


All injectables are administered by our
resident registered practitioner.

FROM £200

Free Consultations
Wrinkle relaxing injections used to combat both fine & deep lines. The treatment is injected directly into the area of concern which temporarily relaxes the muscle and prevents the formation of wrinkles. Typical areas include vertical & horizontal forehead lines, lip line, chin & crows feet.

FROM £250

Free Consultations
A popular treatment that plumps out the fine lines/wrinkles & is particularly effective around the lips, nose & mouth.

FROM £500

Free Consultations
Excessive sweating that can affect different areas of the body.


A full skin consultation will determine which of the following treatments would be best suited to you

This treatment provides intense resurfacing to stimulate cell renewal while helping to treat many skin concerns
COURSE OF 7 – £336
The above treatments are to be taken weekly

Move your facial up to The Next Level….
Power Up takes the advanced technology of BioSurface Peel and The IonActive System to another level!
price includes a free Aftercare Kit

A test patch must be carried out at least 24 hours prior to treatment and no product containing Retinol to be used 24 hours before.


With the latest technology from Energist Ultra, This machine works wonders on hair removal to permanently remove hair from virtually any part of your body.

Say goodbye to waxing, shaving and tweezing!

A free consultation and patch test is carried out 24 hrs before your first treatment.

Upper Lip – £40
Chin – £45
Lip and Chin – £70
Sides of Face – £65
Full Face – £90
Back of Neck – £70
Nipples – £30
Abdomen Line – £50
Standard Bikini – £65
Thong – £85
Full Pubic – £130
Chest inc. Nipples – £100
Chest and Abdomen – £160
Back and Shoulders – £210
Upper Back – £130
Lower Back – £100
Full Back – £180
Lower Arms – £90
Upper Arms – £90
Full Arms – £150
Hands and Fingers – £60
Feet – £60
Lower Legs – £140
Upper Legs – £160
Full Legs – £280
Underarms – £70
These prices are per treatment –
Discounts are available on courses.

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